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Clothing that consists of biofabricated textiles, where living organisms respirate by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Biogarmentry by University of British Colombia and Emily Carr Univeristy
Wearers would need to take care of their garment as they would a plant in order to keep them alive, rather than engaging in the environmentally destructive practice of making synthetic clothes and discarding them after a few uses.
Biogarmentry by University of British Colombia and Emily Carr Univeristy

Bio-ID’s Algae Tiles

Designed to filter heavy chemical dyes and heavy metals out of water; these tiles are filled with a micro-algae suspended within seaweed derived hydrogel. The process in which the water undergoes when travelling through the algae is called bioremediation, in which microorganisms are used to break down pollution.

Algae tiles Indus by Bio-ID Lab at the London Design Festival 2019
Algae tiles Indus by Bio-ID Lab at the London Design Festival 2019
Algae tiles Indus by Bio-ID Lab at the London Design Festival 2019

Upcyling to a T @ Baileys

Simplistic rustic homeware can be aesthetically pleasing especially when it’s been recycled or eco friendly. Baileys have repurposed wood, glass and metal to create home-ware. The store itself sells handmade soaps, indoor plants and rusted outdoor furniture – great concept that both consumers and sellers need to start thinking about…

100% recycled homeware:


Skincare grown to order

This company are amazing me with their attention to detail in the sustainability market.

Upcycling using sawdust…

This concept means that no two items would be the same. The formations of the recycled materials used results in an outcome that is innovative; reusing materials that would ordinarily be wasted. There is something organically beautiful about the snapshots of text that appear on the products, and they add a decorative mixed-media/collage feel. The consumer is able to visually see the raw materials that went into making the items; there are no hidden surprises and no bleach, harsh chemicals or unwanted processing.
All in all, I love this forward-thinking concept. It’s incredible that mixed sawdust, paper, and plastics have been compressed and moulded to withstand heat, water, and strength of human body weight.

Haeckels release yet another revolutionary product

What if water didn’t have to make up in some cases nearly 87% of all cosmetics and toiletries you buy? How insanely decadent is it to wash ourselves with clean water when so few even have access to drink it?

– Haeckels

Haeckels (founded by Dom) are brilliant and one of the most forward-thinking brands out there with their approach to branding and sustainability. They have developed a range of skincare made from seaweed on their doorstep:

“Seaweed hydrates; it’s rich with valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids; it’s anti-bacterial, skin rebuilding and anti-inflammatory; it’s all-natural, and all around us. Under licence, we harvest it by hand from the beach just steps away from our shop.”

Looking at Haeckels’ stockists, this has led me to discover more natural companies that are relatively close (within 1 hour) to home. I intend to visit some of these stockists when I next visit Oxford as I’ve noticed they all have an organic theme, which means they also supply other organic items such as

Illyria Pottery – a wonderful shop in Oxford containing hand-thrown ceramics by Katie, and all inspired by natural forms.
The Store X – this store has led me to discover that there is a community called “Soho Farmhouse” in Oxfordshire countryside that you can become a member of. The community has cabins to stay in and hosts a whole range of activities such as horse-riding, golf, football and even has a pool. There are a selection of shops, including this store which contains fashion, art, music, books and luxury homewares, and even a farmhouse shop and restaurant. Not to mention the decor everywhere is absolutely beautiful!
Harriman & Co – based in Leicester, a shop containing a wonderful range of homeware and furniture with organic influences, including skincare and fragrance.


Oddds is a studio based in Singapore founded in 2013. Their work is visually minimalist but modern, and their work (usually branding) involves the use of bold lines and sans-serif typography.

“No 1. stay, in the equinox,
an autumn of stars, coarse on bare flesh”

“No 2. gathering, under moonlight,
gentle breeze, murmuring its breath”

“No 3. wood sticks, sweet pine,
swaying in rhythm, side by side”

“No. 4 eyes closed, bare feet, we meet,
gently in the snow, a black beauty greets”