Week 7

Lecture material

• Graphics International, now Grafik magazine changed its name to keep up with ongoing trends in the design world. It needed to sound less corporate and more creative
• Made Thought
• “Yeah, it is really hard work.I almost can’t believe it now because hardly anything’s monthly. You’re always working.There’s always a magazine on the shelf, there’s always one in design or production and there’s always one that you’re writing or generating content for.And you’re probably planning a few as well, so there’s lots going on.”
• “You need to know them well and understand your view to begin with, but that quite often can happen in the process of writing.Drafting is certainly important to my process. You won’t have the final shape of the article on the first draft and sometimes you might get started in a place in the story or idea, that you are evolving in the article, and then find that actually you need to make your point by turning it on its head or putting it back into the middle and writing an introductory lead up to it.”
• “People spending less on printed magazines.Digital publishing did affect the whole industry irrevocably.Part of that was the print and paper costs going up, people’s reading habits changing.Another knock on effect of that was things like Borders closing.”
• Creating a digital workspace with Letterform Live. This encouraged people to get together, and advertised the brand, creating a community.