Week 1

Brief Analysis

Lecture Material

Hey Studio

I loved the mention of projects being self-initiated: I am a huge fan of self-initiated projects, and for the very reasons that Veronica talks about. If a project isn’t as succesful as you had hoped, there is a chance to identify what has gone wrong and why. I also love with initiated projects how there are no restrictions or limits to how far you can push it; no timescales for instance so it could be something that went on for months and turned into a brilliant outcome.

Let it blow


Frost Collective

I enjoyed listening to Vince talk about the events they have been involved with as a studio, and the generation of the talk/process behind developing them. Talks are underestimated in terms of their value, I think and I personally love them; just listening to someone talk about their work and what they do is a great way of socialising and networking, meeting new faces is really refreshing and helps with reassurance, knowing everyone faces similar struggles in the creative industry as you are experiencing at some point.

Design your life


I actually ended up going on a bit of a tangent and explored cork as a natural material just because I was curious. I ended up discovering exactly how different types of cork bottle tops are made from this article:

Bompas & Parr

From researching Bompas & Parr’s website I can see the type of projects they create are all about creating experiences. Their skills seem to go beyond digital which is what I love about their work, and they expand to exhibition design. Working with collaborators means they get the enhance the experience with all the benefits of branding, advertisement and having clients as partners.

Butterfly biosphere / pop-up

The joy of bees