Week 11

Design Development

Lecture Material

Structuring feedback

To give feedback to someone else, consider:
Asking the right questions. The role of the facilitator is to ask pressing questions to ensure that the presenter is getting the right feedback. The facilitator can reformulate questions or comments that sound opinionated (“This is too red!”) or directive (“I would have done it differently!”) to relate them to the goals of the design.

  • Bad questionYikes… that layout!
  • ReformulationHow does this layout make it easier for the user to accomplish their task quickly and efficiently?
  • Bad feedbackI love those colors, but I think that button is in the wrong spot and the overall page looks busy.
  • Reformulation: If the goal is to have the user register quickly, I’m concerned we are placing emphasis on the wrong elements and hiding the primary task by making the button hard to find.

To receive feedback:

One of the areas of feedback about pinups was that design feedback often lacked focus, or focused on the wrong elements of the design. In order to address this, we implemented a more structured format for presenting work and giving feedback. The person presenting their work frames the conversation by addressing 5 key questions:

  1. What are you working on?
  2. What’s the business & user/customer need?
  3. What’s the goal of your design?
  4. What specifically are you seeking feedback on?
  5. What stage is the design at (we use the 30/60/90 format).

These questions help the designer who is presenting their work to set the scene for others in order to receive more meaningful feedback and progress the areas of the design that most need to evolve.