Week 2

Budget Models, Studios, Estimating, Invoicing and Budget Management

Lecture material

Kate Moross:

Kate explains how she has a design department and a video department, and tries to keep them separated for work to keep workload manageable. I find this useful to know as I’ve been wondering how studios approach the digital moving image briefs in comparison to regular design briefs e.g. 2d posters.

Illustration for ‘Hometown’ agency as part of their postcard series

I personally love Kate Moross studio’s work, it’s vibrant, colourful and cheerful. It’s also massively inspirational for me as I’m learning how to create playful typography. This is why I’ve selected type based work above as they are the most creatively inspiring pieces of work for me. ‘Dream come true’ is a 3D influences piece of work which is actually on my list of skills to learn; so I will have to remember this piece when I want to use any inspirational references. I find lights and shadows really important; I honestly feel that if you know how to apply those correctly you can create anything three dimensional.


Lush cosmetics mobile app rebrand

The main thing I have taken away from UsTwo’s discussion about the business was just how valuable critical feedback can be; and how far it will get you. From clients turning your work down it may result in you working for someone/something else. Don’t be afraid to send portfolio or work examples out – you never know what kind of exposure you will get from it.