Week 14


Positioning of project presentation

Feedback from webinar


  • Likes the concept, could have a big impact in industry. Breaking client experience down from start to finish, explains the concept from start to finish. From this, clarify what this infographic means. I need to describe
  • Service design/customer journey mapping needs to be explored further at this stage
  • Other examples of blueprints – my example is key area in presentation as it pins down message
  • Discuss with next set of interviews have they thought about the process like this? Is it accurate?


  • Present this process to stakeholders and designers/specialists in sustainability production. Challenging the process that the industry follows
  • Test scenarios of that journey and what it looks like
  • Be realistic about what I want to achieve in the next phase of the project. Even if I don’t fully formulate business proposal, but have a lot of experiments/research/information then that’s ok
  • Is it a local context or a global context? Can the model change for a UK company? Set myself target for week 22 to ensure I have everything I need to launch Eco-Collective as a UK business.
  • Liaise with my panel – providing feedback on this project up until the end