Week 5

Competitive Context

Lecture Material

FELD Studio for Digital Crafts

I wanted to explore more about FELD so looked at some of their projects on their website. I was intrigued to see they offer a selection of services:
• Digital Design Strategies
• Interaction Design
• Visual Communication
• Spatial Experiences
• Exhibition Design
As someone who has only started to look into exhibition design, wayfinding, and spatial design (as in displaying artefacts and surrounding space) in the last module, it’s interesting to me that FELD have separated exhibition design from spatial experiences and interaction design. I would have thought they would be under the same umbrella, so I want to look at why this is the case.

Kinetic Rain

Interaction design on their site seems to be about interfaces themselves, whilst exhibition design is all about the combination of humans and machines, and how they can collide to create a better exhibition for viewers. I now understand how they could fall into separate categories.

Accept and Proceed, London

From being interested in environmental design, the mention of Accept and Proceed working alongside companies that are conscious about responsible impacts on Earth made me want to explore this further. What companies do they work with who are?
I’ve discovered that A&P created a project for NASA – this talk from Matthew Jones below is a really insightful presentation explaining the process behind the scenes:

I really loved the beauty of the circular typeface on the Moon Landings “Extracting the hidden beauty within data” project:

Notes from Lecture to consider when choosing my project brief this week:
• Pick a brief I can solve with my skill set – be aware of things I can do and what I just couldn’t deliver. I agree with this but it’s good to go outside of my comfort zone, however me jumping into a CSS/html/Java project would be silly as that’s my weakest skillset. The outcome would not be my best piece of work as I don’t have the knowledge.
• Do I have the knowledge? Do I have the skills? Be honest. Make sure that the area I specialise in, is going to fall within my skillsets and that I have experience designing in these areas.
• It’s beneficial to specialise in one field or have a certain interest in an area. What is mine? I usually look at sustainability as a reference, and science. I guess I look to science because there’s data and facts that I can work with, I wonder if I could apply this to my chosen brief?