Week 9

Message Delivered

Lecture materials:

Message vs Medium:


Relationship between form and function. How we read and understand and engineer communication. Exploring the appropriateness of how form and material contribute to the overall message.

Regular Practice:

David Bowie editorial: distorted type by David Carson:

Sam Winston Podcast:

Revolving around screen based media. Moving away from visual and using hands. Intellectual approach to ideas. How does the idea manifest as a substance. Gut feeling, changing the way he problem solves. Picking it up, pencil, brush, an object. A book, folded the pages in on itself. Couldn’t intellectually predict that without using hands and brain alone. Learning through touch. Useful way of making, moving into a manifested body of something. Clumsy, messy, uncontrolled, mistakes are made, raw and pure creativity.

Kenya Hara Ex Formation – I explored this reference last week, and loved the radish grown like a carrot. (Look at last week for reference).

Change your relationship with problematic situations and change your outlook, your perspective. Don’t be too concerned about the outcome, i.e. ‘I know it’s a poster’ – avoid that. Limited space to explore and experiment. I agree with this – when I had the mindset of doing Evoware seaweed as an editorial I was limited to scale and shapes etc. until I went down the poster route. It changed my perspective and I much prefer the outcome as a poster form.

Excuses get in the way: I’m busy, small timescale, this shuts down our awareness. Touch, orientate physical formula, sound, fluid material and connects with the self, and the city. Alternate space and surroundings, absorb the landscape. Listening.

Creating new patterns of working: new approaches. Working in a team, a deadline, a skillset that is useful but freelance, self initiated work, the hardest thing is to have the time management, but for yourself. Use time as a tool – I’ve got an hour, I’m going to do this.
YES. I agree with this, I have actually begun to book days for myself on a weekend where I just want to craft, I spent a whole day crafting and it was glorious. It was something I never have time to do but I really, really wanted to do some crafting. It did wonders and really made me appreciate my craft time, too. I feel as though this has changed my perspective on work afterwards to, as I realise how nice it is to be hands on (very much like Sam is saying in this podcast).

Brainstorm ideas. Look at your idea but in a different situation. Speak in multiple ways. Sam’s tip: use image and text cleverly. Say one thing, but look at another. So the image can say a different message to the text. Sam talks about distressing photographs, it’s about adding another process to the piece.

Archives and collections; an external way of thinking. A database is a small universe. The difference between data and knowledge is storytelling. This is it! This has been worded really well – I have struggled to try to explain the difference but this has been put so simply. Visit public places, see what is in the city.