Week 6

Research and Curate

Lecture Material

Richard Mosse

Infrared is invisible to the human eye, and used in his images which look invisible to us. For example, shades of green such as below:

Tristes Tropiques:

I have found Mosse’s work inspirational as he has decided to create work that portrays the world in a different view to how we see it naturally. The use of colour infrared film highlights colours we cannot see, such as chlorophyll (the green) in plants which turns pink.


Filmed in Congo, the infrared footage captures the lifestyle of the population living there and highlights how the government do not utilise the wealth generated from minerals to the people – badly equipped hospitals, hardly any properly built homes and no roads for travel.

Thames and Hudson

• Format, shape and size, type of paper in books and consideration for publishing books is a huge element in creating new ideas
• Typography, page layout, design of books came from Sanigar’s studies where magazine’s and multimedia formed part of uni projects
• Chronological path from designing to developing books and publishing as you start to understand the processes behind publishing
• Clear focus, audience and most effective visual arrangements i.e. format, shape, size, packaging, layout, price
• A hook, why would your audience by the book?
• 2 page document, specification for book, positioning statement and audience, three short marketing points for the book and description
• Sample visuals for the content, 20-25 images for inspiration, could be spreads or prints
• Agree final layout of book, illustrations and costs, then sign the contract
• Approximately 18 months to publish a book – rule of thumb, 15 months at a push
• Books inspire, internet is informing
• Digital is convenience; it doesn’t mean they are against one another. They align for example photography being taken on a phone doesn’t take away the joy or beauty of a photograph. It’s convenient and easier which is the whole point of digital technology
• Maybe the future will mean books will become guidance or reference books rather than just visuals like Pinterest or Tumblr. They will have purpose