Week 3

Legal and IP Frameworks

Lecture material

Copyright overview and principles:

Things to do when checking copyrighted material:
– Check UK IPO to create a business name to avoid overlapping
– Keep files and emails organised
– Name and shame others that copy, not worth legal costs
– Contracts are important
– If someone’s copied: could agree to settle confidentially instead of court
– Trademark clearances would be considered

F1 and 3M legal battle with the logo:

Tuesday Bassen & Zara legal battle with the badges/pins:

  • “Calling out these big brands in the long term might not always be a good idea because these might be your future employers or collaborators or commissioners”
  • Don’t be afraid to call out people, most likely won’t end up being court cases
  • UK IPO website
  • Mulberry, “rights to designs under employment” – interesting! How on earth was that allowed to be written in to the contract? Surely only work relating to Mulberry would only rightfully be copyrighted?