Week 12

Developing Ideas and Designs for Launch of Authorial Artefact

Lecture material

Insta Novels

Insta Novels - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Benefits of having Instagram as a promotion tool

Instagram is a huge marketing tools used by many companies, and is a really effective way to reach out to people. It’s free for a start, so will be accessible worldwide to all. That is a huge reach to an audience. Also you can advertise to attract followers to your page/posts which is really beneficial. I would say personally that adverts on Instagram would be better to target me than on the television. It seems we’re now moving away from TV to our devices… It’s a transition that affects the marketing and design industry quite hard, so you have to be quick thinking and change with the times. That’s what I really like about Insta Novels:
“Falusi and her team focused on ensuring that each story was highly legible in terms of text size (not too small, but not so big that each story would take too many screens to complete), background color (a warmer cream to make reading easier on the eyes), and font (the team picked Georgia). They also took advantage of the unique nature of the platform by sprinkling small animations on chapter pages and throughout the books to continually pique the reader’s interest, since they likely expect sleek visuals on Instagram. Finally, they commissioned a different designer to illustrate the equivalent of a book cover that a reader first sees when they open up the Story, taking advantage of Instagram’s focus on visuals to create compelling animations that would convince people to give the story a shot.”Article

The above article highlights how the team have had to adjust to another world of media and all those considerations – typeface, size, colour of text and background, any motions, and how to create that sense of turning a page when reading on a digital device.
“To move between pages, the designers realized they could take advantage of Instagram’s interface, where users tap on the right side of the screen to go to the next image or video, to mimic the act of flipping pages. To help guide people, each story has a little animated icon where users are meant to rest their thumb. Then, they can tap every time they want to turn the page. For A Christmas Carol, the icon is a burning candle that slowly burns down as you tap, almost like a digital flip book.”
I think it’s really successful when you can apply motion to a digital app/artefact in a way that creates a sense of an atmosphere, mood, book etc. and very clever!